Do better than Brian in Queen’s only official app, download from the app stores here: Apple;, Android;

With beautiful imagery from Queen’s official archive, re-sampled sounds from all the hits and many recordings you may not have heard, this is a truly unique Queen experience.

The first, only, official Queen game on the app store. Test your knowledge of the band, solve puzzles, unlock official artwork and win real official Queen merchandise and other prizes. This is an expanding collection of games, all about Queen. Throughout the months ahead, you’ll be treated to brand new puzzles, word games and music puzzles that will entertain and tax your mind!

Included in this version; over 1,000 questions, answers, images and puzzles, with Queen’s music providing clues and background.

This game has everything for the Queen fan, young and old and evolves over time with new content and game modes added regularly. Endorsed by the band, created by fans and driven by you, become a champion now.

How much do you know about Queen’s songs, albums, tours, band members, producers, live gigs, studios, history, instruments, tastes etc? Whatever your level of knowledge you are sure to unlock some surprising facts about these most iconic of British rock stars.

If you’re a casual Queen fan, or indeed are just starting on your journey with their music, you will learn more about the band from this game than perhaps anywhere else.

If you’re already a seasoned expert, well we’ve thrown in a lot of special questions and puzzles just for you. Are you one of the few people on the planet that can solve these?

You can jump between three different modes of difficulty, so whether you’re a novice, passionate fan or expert, there’s lots in here for you.

Regular competitions means you have the chance to win high-value packs of Queen merchandise and all the time having fun and listening to Queen and regular updates mean the game will always be fresh.

Download now and Play The Game with Queen.

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